Life Stages

    General childhood illness

    Children can be quick to get sick but equally quick to recover, and essentially they have the potential for greater resilience and strength if every illness is treated correctly. Those who are supported with herbs, baths, massage,…
    Life Stages

    some childhood conditions

    Teething   When teething, your baby should have as much calcium and magnesium as possible. The teething pains will be greatly minimized if the new tooth can quickly break through by having adequate energy resources to do…
    Life Stages


    Hormones prompt many of the next developmental stages in life. Adolescence is the period during which boys begin to become men and girls begin to become women. Girls start to menstruate, their bodies preparing for pregnancy, birth,…
    Life Stages


    Every child is sensual to varying degrees, but the arrival of sex hormones adds a different dimension to these earlier feelings. If you look around,you will observe that girls are usually a few years ahead of boys…
    Life Stages

    Childhood Convalescence

    It is normal for a child to want to play the moment he or she feels better, but this stage must be handled carefully. If there has been a fever, much vital calcium, magnesium, and other vitamins…

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