Current Immune Problems

The demographics of our planet have taken a flip towards zoom of older adult population. Predictions for two050 indicate that 2 billion folks on earth are going to be older than 60–65, the age at or close to that most countries classify their voters as seniors. thereupon population boom looming, it’s incumbent upon societies to alter problems and issues of older age, together with increasing prices of health care.


One of the current worldwide — but mainly Western — immunity problems stems from the overuse of antibiotics in animal feeds. These drugs enter the human food chain and weaken our immune systems by killing valuable flora. Doctors now recognize this danger. The number of patients who contract food poisoning via contaminated meats and dairy products is constantly increasing. They cannot be treated with the available antibiotics because they have built up resistance via their food intake. Cases of food poisoning are rising by thousands each year. In fact, the U.K. Department of Health today regards salmonellosis as endemic, as it is now resistant to commonly used antibiotics. Pork, sausages, chicken, take-out restaurant food, and meat pastes are all in the higherrisk category. Intensive farming methods using antibiotics, steroids, and hormones are damaging both human and animal immune systems. It remains to be seen whether recent cleanup laws and revised procedures in
abattoirs help to abate this trend.

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